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(License № 02302/0546187 from 12.06.2009) 

selection, receiving samples submitted for testing (with the possible departure to the place of sampling with special equipment);
studies on determination of the radionuclide cesium (137Cs) in:
 - round wood products for the construction of the walls of residential buildings;
 - other round wood products;
 - wood-technology materials;
 - fuel wood;

 - lumber, and details of products of wood and wood materials for building (inner lining) of the walls of residential buildings;
 - sawn timber, and details of products of wood and wood products;
 - other non-food forest products;
 - household waste ash.
measurement of dose rate of gamma radiation (gamma-background);
representation of the hygienic conclusion (issue passports Radiation Safety).

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RUE «Zavod gazetnoy bumagi» provides transportation services within the country for the carriage of goods by road: 

MAZ with trailer or without trailer carrying up to 20 tons;
the upper and lateral loading; 
shipping special and construction equipment; 
transportation of building materials to the destination; 
services special equipment (excavator, crane).