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Quality Management

On the RUE «Zavod gazetnoy bumagi» it is developed, documentary issued, introduced and works the quality management system (QMS) according to requirements STB ISO 9001-2009. It extends on designing, working out and paper manufacture.

QMS Functioning of the enterprise has the following aims:
− achievement and maintenance of production quality at the level providing constant satisfaction of requirements and expectations of consumers;
− the guaranteed performance of legislative requirements, norms of the state and international standards, directive documents which are obligatory by manufacture and products operation;
− maintenance of production competitiveness in the internal and external markets, expansions of commodity markets;
− keeping to the safety requirements and ecological compatibility by working out, manufacture and production service;
− maintenance of administration confidence that planned quality is provided constantly;
− achievements of workers understanding that the common success and personal well-being is up to the work-quality of each one;
− achievements of personnel satisfaction with the work quality activity results;
− advertize to the consumer the guarantee of steady and continuously provided quality.

These purposes are realized at each stage of production process, by functioning of all the processes. The quality is a basis of our enterprise. The necessary quality level is acheived by performance of all standard positions STB ISO 9001-2009, by system of quality works.

RUE «Zavod gazetnoy bumagi» covers all kinds of activity influencing quality of manufactured production what includes:
− administrative activity of administration;
− activity on resource management;
− activity on designing, working out and realization of production processes;
− activity on measurements, monitoring, the analysis and production improvement, processes and QMS.

Policy in the quality field of RUE «Zavod gazetnoy bumagi»
The certificate of conformity QMS to the requirements ISO 9001-2009